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Saved by My Inner Healer

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My inner healer and I became very good friends after my first appointment with a breathing and relaxation instructor named Kathleen. Deep breathing is a fantastic way to start listening to your inner healer. Breathing is magical. It stops panic, it brings your awareness to your thoughts, it allows you to access your inner self, and it moves your physical body into a relaxed, allowing state that enables healing.

The more I breathed, the more I calmed down. The more I calmed down and did the breathing exercises, the more I was able to hear my inner healer. I followed Kathleen’s instructions and started seeking out a myriad of different treatments. I kept seeing my vulvovaginal specialist, because he was the first doctor who seemed to know what was going on and did not brush me off. I was tired of doctors telling me this was in my head, this wasn’t a real problem, I should see a therapist, etc. I wasn’t seeing amazing results from my Western-medicine approach, but I didn’t feel like I needed to stop the treatments. I just listened to my inner healer and started adding. First, I added chiropractic work on all the muscles of my lower body that relate to the pelvic floor. My inner healer found this a good choice. Then, she sent me to an acupuncturist. She did not like the first one I went to, so I followed her advice and went to another one. He was fantastic and helped me on my journey to health. She pointed me in the direction of therapy, which only added to the improvements.

My inner healer became the architect of my life, and I liked her so much I hired her permanently. Eventually, on her recommendation, I let go of chiropractic, acupuncture, medication, physical therapy, and therapy. Though they all served their purpose, they weren’t necessary after a while, and though I was actually still having physical symptoms, I was so sure of my inner healer that I was not even concerned about letting these other therapies go. I kept the breathing and relaxation techniques, and I followed her lead into the realm of working with my own mind. I began studying different books about the power of the mind, and eventually I discovered Martha Beck and her life-coaching techniques.

My inner healer led me right to my life’s purpose, because my inner healer and what Martha Beck calls the essential self are truly one and the same. My path to health was also my path to joy and truth within myself.

Though I used many different healing modalities, I would never tell anyone to follow in my footsteps. Even though I did heal and do live completely pain-free, take no medications, and follow no strict dietary regimens, I would not tell anyone my way is the right or only way.  You each have an inner healer, and your inner healer knows what you need. She knows what’s right for you. My job, as a life coach, is to help you uncover her, guide you to emotional strength, and support you as you move toward a place of feeling good, at last.


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