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Schizophrenia Cure

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I have already given you many lessons about the scientific method of dream interpretation. You know that only Carl Jung could discover the real meaning of dreams after arduous research. You also know that I continued his research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation. I discovered the wild side of the human conscience (anti-conscience) that he could not see because he stopped his research at a certain point.

Jung had many indications from the unconscious mind showing him that he had to stop his research and accept ignorance from that point and on. I precisely followed his lessons because I was neurotic and I desperately needed psychotherapy. I already explained to you that I had inherited too much absurdity in my anti-conscience. I would become schizophrenic like my father if I was not miraculously cured through dream translation.

I understood that I was very cruel and totally insensitive. I accepted passing through a very difficult treatment. I had to meet the anti-conscience and fight against its absurdity.

I didn’t faint when I discovered that there is a demon in the wild side of the human conscience. This demon is responsible for all the actions of terror, violence, and immorality that characterize human behavior. When the human being meets the demon he comes from, the demon causes various abnormal distortions in his cognitive mechanism, generating hallucinations, absurd thoughts, dizziness, and many horrible feelings.

If Jung had met the anti-conscience like me, he could be dominated by the craziness it imposes, and his work wouldn’t have the value it has now that he died like a hero. This is why the unconscious mind prevented him from continuing his research, showing him that he had to accept ignorance.

The anti-conscience is Satan, because it is a demon. A doctor was not the ideal person to meet the anti-conscience in the human psyche.

I was very young and ignorant, but very intelligent, resistant, and strong. I also believed in God. I had proof that I was being miraculously saved from schizophrenia thanks to the unconscious psychotherapy. I understood that the unconscious mind was the voice of divine providence and I had a religious attitude.

I studied for twelve years in the same Catholic school. However, I became an atheist when I was fifteen years old because I suffered a tragic car accident. I had many discussions with the nuns about the meaning of religion.

When I became twenty-eight years old, I was saved from schizophrenia through dream translation even though I was in fact a demon. I understood that I was receiving grace. I discovered the satanic origin of the human being, and at the same time, I had proof of God’s existence.

God was saving Satan through knowledge. This was why I escaped from terror. I, the demon, accepted obeying God’s guidance for understanding that I needed psychotherapy.

I survived when fighting against the craziness imposed by the anti-conscience because I became very religious. My atheism after the car accident lasted six years. Then I started accepting the possibility of God’s existence, but my faith was not real. I became very religious only when I verified that God was saving me from terror.


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