The “Good Girl’s” Adventure in Pole Dancing

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In my family, I am the “good girl.” I have always gotten the good grades, both in high school and in college, stayed out of trouble, and been the standard that my siblings were unofficially held up to. I have been a loner of sorts, preferring to spend time by myself to going out partying, like most of my friends did back in school. I met my husband at sixteen and was married at twenty-one. So who would have thought that I would be a natural at pole dancing?

It’s really not what it sounds like: that this good girl has lost her mind and decided to become an exotic dancer. I have always toyed with the idea of taking classes for pole or belly dancing, mainly because of the great exercise that it offers. I have never liked going to the gym or running. So, when I was talking with a friend at work one day, we got on the subject of these classes. She mentioned that she had found a local place that offered pole-dancing classes and begged me to take the beginner class with her. I finally agreed, knowing that I would never have the nerve to do this on my own.

The day of our first class, I was so worried that I would be uncomfortable and look dumb. I even considered backing out. With my husband’s encouragement to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, I went. The first class was just OK, being that we had to go over a lot of introductions and basic information. I had fun, but was still not comfortable with myself in the class. I decided to go to the next class, mainly since I had forked out $150 for eight weeks and I am not the type to waste that kind of money, no matter how uncomfortable I may be.

The second class was much better. I told myself to just let go and have fun. This was going to be the designated Me Time and nothing was going to keep me from enjoying myself. By the end of that class I was having a blast.

I have now finished these eight weeks of beginner pole dancing class, and I have become the natural of my class. I don’t mind trying out the new moves first, and I tend to get them down within a week of trying it out for the first time. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I hate to get in front of the smallest crowds. I have also never found anything that I felt I was great at. That has now changed. I love pole dancing, I love the other ladies that I have gotten to know over the past eight weeks, and I love my instructor who has brought out this new side of me. I am more confident in class and it is starting to seep out into my everyday life. I never enjoyed exercising until now. You really don’t feel like you are working out until you get home or the day after and your whole body aches. I never knew the strength that you had to have to do the moves on the pole, and this is just the beginner class! I feel great, I look great, and I even looked in the mirror for the first time in my life and said to myself that I was beautiful. Oh, and I have signed up for Intermediate Pole which starts this Tuesday. I can’t wait!

So the only thing I can tell you is not to let yourself not try something new because you are uncomfortable. You never know how much you may enjoy yourself.


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