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11 Things I'm Grateful For

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God-He made me! Every birth happens naturally, but without him breathing life into this world, it wouldn't happen!

Health-I have limbs that move, I can breathe normally! I have had my teeth busted out, lips split open, was hit by a car and in 3 casts, had my nose broken, a concussion, a ruptured ovarian cyst and my appendix removed in the same surgery, I've cracked my head open and I have scoliosis...and still I live! I am healthy and happy!

Family-They are here for me. We don't always share the same opinions or beliefs, we don't always make the same decisions, but they listen, and I listen to them. We help carry each other when we need to!

Friends-My extended family! Of course, some friends I have parted with, but I'll never forget the good times. For the ones that are still here, I'm still here! And although I become overwhelmed at times and need some space, there's always room for more.

My Husband-The perfect man for me, but in a way I never expected! Funny, what's that saying? I think it's, "We make plans and God laughs."

A job with health benefits-I don't always enjoy my job or the choices made in upper management, but it pays the bills, puts gas in my car and I can see a doctor when I need to.

An education-Many of us have a similar complaint; we spent so much money on college, but there are no jobs in the area, in our field of study, and if you find one, you will have to move states away. But it gave me a chance to read books and learn more about the world I live in, critically think, break down problems and find solutions, make friends from all around the world and meet teachers who gave me advice not just academically speaking, but to help in my life. And when I graduated, I did so knowing I could further my education outside of school buildings.

A place to live-Yes, we are saving for a house so we could start a family. But for now, we have a place to sleep, eat, shower and to be warm. There are many people in our own country who suffer poverty. I'm not speaking about the people who choose to drink instead of work and care for their family. I'm speaking about the children growing up in these situations, or adults who were thrown into these situations, who are struggling to survive.

A car-it gets me to work and back, to friends and family and back, and it's great on gas mileage.

Food-I do enjoy a bit too much of this, but again, not everyone has it, and someday, I might not.

Clean water-this isn't a silly thing to be grateful for, because some people do not have it. We even have extra things to filter and purify our water. And when I'm thirsty, pop doesn't quench my thirst. Water also cleans you on the inside and outside.


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