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12 Hours of Hell

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Since the IUD, I have little warning of when it will hit. My periods have been sporadic for the last six months; one month it was thirteen days straight; the next month it was so heavy that I became anemic; these last two months it has been every two weeks. The reason I decided to get an IUD was because I could not handle the estrogen in other forms of birth control that was causing me severe PMS.

On birth control I was a steady humming of irritation and aggressive emotions; with the IUD (non estrogen) it is a 12 to 24 hour explosion of neurosis. I will take the explosion over continual irritation anytime. 

One month with the IUD I knew when my cycle would start and I did a test on myself. I drank extra water, had no caffeine, little sugar and no alcohol. I also exercised every day for a week prior. This completely cut my severe PMS out. I was excited that I was able to control my emotional outbursts by taking care of my body. Now, the problem is: I can’t predict my cycle now that it is sporadic and short between occurrences. 

I could go on medicine until this straightens out, but how would I know when to take the preventative medicine if I have no idea when I will start? Plus I find taking medicine for 12 hours of hell to be unnecessary (though those around me would surely appreciate it).

When I say 12 hours of hell I mean: irrational outbursts of crying, incredibly painful insecurities, jealousy and aggressive irritation. Physically: I crave salty and sweet foods, caffeine, and am exhausted with no energy to function regularly.  I feel depressed and unable to control my behavior. 

As I mentioned before, taking precautions eradicates these symptoms but it is unrealistic to live like that everyday to accommodate an unruly cycle. My doctor has put me on iron and told me to hold out six months. I’m in the sixth month now and waiting for the relief of regularity. 



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