2013 Make It A "New" Year

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As we enter the year 2013, I am hoping and praying that we do not have another year of senseless violence, economic despair and hopelessness. We have suffered with our fellow man, senseless school shootings, violence everywhere that is cruel and deeply felt. In addition to the violence, we have all felt in some way, the economic crisis with people losing their homes to financial or natural disasters. How can we turn this all around? Is there really anyway to at least start healing from all this and moving forward?

I do not have all the answers of course. Let me state however, that I have tried hard to change myself. I am finding my way back to my spiritual self. We must really understand that we cannot, nor should we try and change another person or control them, this is not a spiritual right. I am not talking about organized religion here; I am relaying the positive outcome that is possible when each one of us looks deeply into our own souls.

Live in the moment my friends. I live in a highly congested area where finding yourself alone to sit and watch the birds, the sky and the beauty of all nature is very hard indeed. We are all so busy struggling to survive and get from this place to that place in a rush, that everything else is just background noise. This should be turned around, let’s indulge ourselves in seeing the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. Take short walks, and if you can block out the street noises, look deeply into how brilliant the color of your orange that you have with you. Give yourself a minute to imagine this gift starts off as a blooming white flower and slowly grows to the sweet fruit that nourishes you. Look upon the little wild flower that has managed to survive between cracks in the pavement.

We should all try to squeeze at least one good deed in a day. This is not hard to do, hold open a door for a mother with children she is trying to keep close. Give up your seat on the subway to a person that is older than you or is struggling to hold on to the poles or another seat. There may be a medical condition that we may not see and the person needs a little help. I also try to help out when I have a little extra money and a person in front of me in a checkout line or fast food restaurant doesn’t have enough money to pay for lunch or groceries. Actually, I believe I feel better than they do because giving feels so good!

Let me say in conclusion, that I am not practicing for sainthood. I truly believe however, if even half of the people in our great country try to practice these changes in “themselves” we could improve our world a little bit each day. This theory will not hurt anyone; it can only make the world a better place to live in. I want to personally thank that police officer in New York who was pictured giving a homeless man some new boots and socks, having no idea it was being captured on video. This news story warmed my heart and gave me inspiration. God bless him, and let’s try to follow his kindness each in our own way.



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