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3 Easy Steps to Healthy and Proper Communication With Your Body

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-Quote of The Week-
"Strive for excellence, not perfection." -H. Jackson Brown Jr.

When I was in Northern California a couple weeks ago, I had one of those middle of the night epiphanies. This 1am "wake up call" told me that I need to start teaching people how to master communication, especially with their own bodies! So before I help you fix it, let's discuss the it. My belief is that there are 3 Types of Verbal Communication:

o Mutually Beneficial: The words expressed are both pleasant and beneficial to other people as well as to yourself. Often seen in coaching relationships when a coach is teaching wisdom to a client who is eager to hear it.

o Beneficial to Others: The words expressed are selflessly spoken to benefit others around you with no advantage to yourself. Often seen in close relationships to create bonds and show love and appreciation.

o Beneficial to Self: The words expressed are spoken to benefit only yourself and no others. Often seen in close relationships when the companionship and advice is needed to soothe and grow.

Healthy Communication would consist of 70% MB, 20% BTO, 10% BTS and Unhealthy Communication would equal 30% or more BS (I swear that was just a coincidence!)

In order to have effective communication with your body in order to create actual change (in this case weight loss) you will want to master 3 things...

Before you speak to yourself (or anyone else for that matter) stop and ask, what is my intention for saying this?
After you answer that question you ask yourself, what will the result be of saying this?
Decide if it's something you even want to say to yourself (or anyone else).
Here is an example...

You think in your head, "I look fat".

First of all, which type of communication is it? Is it benefiting you and your body? Is it benefiting your body? It is simply benefiting you because deep down there is some "win" in saying this negative statement to yourself. No, no, no and no.Therefore it is a BS statement.

Next let's answer the questions...

1. My intention for saying this is to put myself down and state what I am seeing right now.

2. The result will be that I feel bad.

3. Do I want to put myself down and feel bad? (Hopefully not) So you choose something else to say to yourself and your body.

Pretty simple right!? Start mastering communication with your body and then we can talk about your deep listening skills to truly connect to your body next time.

- Important Updates -

Thanks for all of you who joined me for my Complimentary Call:

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body:

The Truth About Your Weight Loss Identity and How it Affects Your Weight Loss

I had so much fun doing it, I will be delivering a 4-part call series, so stay tuned!

- Where is Michelle -

June 28th: Los Angeles, CA to be with my Dad for his surgery (please send positive thoughts and intentions)
July 4th - 8th: Staycation in Huntington Beach, CA with family and friends for Independence Day
July 18th - 20th: Las Vegas, Nevada: Teaching business owners how to master their mindset and become sales masters with Kelly O'Neil
August 1st- 2nd: Las Vegas, Nevada: Leading an elite group of business owners to live the life they truly desire with Kelly O'Neil
September 13th - 15th: Las Vegas, Nevada: Co-teaching Mission Possible with Kelly O'Neil


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