The ABC’s of Healing

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What if you could heal yourself of what you considered the flaws of your present and the pains of your past? What if there was a way that you could take a look at yourself through the eyes of non-judgment and see your many blessings? What if there was a way that you could heal by simple affirming your healing?      

Do you believe in the Laws of Attraction? Do you believe in the power of thought? Think about this list below and how you can transpose it into a working prescription for your healing. Perhaps you might try one thing each day. For example, “Attracting Well-Through Happy Thinking” might encourage you to think about your thinking. What did you think about just a minute ago? Did you think this process might work? Notice, I am speaking in the affirmative. Try monitoring your thoughts each day. As difficult as that sounds, it’s not at all. Write these things out. Shift your thinking by doing a “blessed to do” list instead of simply a “to do” list. After all, you are blessed to have life, resources, cars, homes, jobs, etc-all the things we tend to take for granted; Right? The next day you might be encouraged to count your blessings by listing them one by one. Be specific. You’d be absolutely astonished to discover the many things that are going well in your life. How about making a two-column list? On one side jot down the decisions you’ve made within the last several weeks. What was the outcome of those decisions? Were there lessons learned? Were you happy with the outcomes? 

Okay, I think you are getting the point. Take the list and do what you will with it. One thing is certain, whatever you are led to do with it, and your choices will decide the direct benefit this list will have for you. 

Affirmed Healing

  1. Attracting Well-Through Happy Thinking
  2. Blessed to Do
  3. Count Your Blessings
  4. Decisions and Outcomes
  5. Empowerment Strategies
  6. Financial Healing
  7. Gifts, Goals and Talents
  8. Higher Awareness
  9. Inner Peace
  10. Journaling
  11. Knowing Your Purpose
  12. Life Path Order
  13. Matrix Transcending
  14. Nature through Our Senses
  15. Ordering Your Day
  16. Powerful Intentions
  17. Questions for Life
  18. Remarketing/Remaking Yourself
  19. Spirituality
  20. The Laws of Attraction
  21. Uplifting Movies
  22. Visions of Your Perfect Life
  23. Weekly Plans
  24. X-cellent Health
  25. Your Dreams Can Come True
  26. Zillions of Ways You Are Perfect



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