Abuse and Rape

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This story contains mature or graphic content. 

It was late at night, and I was on my way home from an after-school detention …

My name is Alice, and I’m eighteen. This all started when I was thirteen, and was able to have children. My mother had recently died, and it was just me and my old, dirty father. 

I was in deep trouble at school, for never being in class—because my father never let me go. So, I got an after-school detention. I was terrified at what awaited at the house. I was fifteen at this time, and about to do my GCSEs. I walked up the cold, gray steps toward my small house. I unlocked the door with my school bag in hand, and I walked through into the kitchen. My dad was standing at the side of the kitchen drinking a bottle of wine. He threw it toward me, but I ducked and it hit the wall. He shouted, “How dare you stay late after school? The school phoned me and said you got a detention! You are losing your manners, Alice. I think it’s time you learned a lesson!” Holding a fifty pound note in front of my face, my father said, “Want it? Then strip naked for your father.” I responded “No! You are such a sick-minded old git.” He got a knife swiftly from his pocket, held it to my throat and shouted, “Now you stay still, because you’re not obeying orders—I’ll strip you instead.”

I tried to resist his big, hairy hand from undoing my blouse buttons. I already had enough bruising, burns, and cuts on my body—so I didn’t move while he first, undid all of my buttons on my blouse, then ripped it off of my body. I tried to put my hands over my breasts and bra, but he moved them away roughly. With the knife, he ripped my bra, and it fell to the ground. I couldn’t help but put my hands over my bare, exposed breasts, and he got angry. My dad slapped me to the floor, and kicked me several times in the pit of the stomach. He shouted to a tall, tattooed man to come and hold my hands. So, he did, then he took my skirt off, and then my knickers. He said to me in a calm voice
, “Next time you want to disobey me, this is will what happen.” They both laughed, and then three other men came  into the room.

By now the tears were streaming down my humiliated face, and my whole body was exposed. I hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t open my legs, but then my nightmare got worse. He spread my legs out wide, and just for a few moments stared at my vagina. Then he started touching it, and licking it. I was screaming and crying, thinking the neighbors would hear. All of the men did it in turn. Then, to my utmost horror, they all raped me one by one. Every way imaginable. Then one said to my dad, before he had sex with helpless me, “You know she is really underweight. But, she is amazingly gorgeous.” Then he raped me.

It didn’t stop when all of them had a go. They thought it would be funny to have one in my anal, one in my mouth, and one in my vagina. One of them was squeezing my breasts roughly, hurting them, and he was rubbing his penis and cumming all over me. After three long hours of violation, they stopped, and ran for their lives out the front door. I stayed on the floor crying and bleeding, all curled up in a ball. My whole body was sore.

The next person I saw was a whole squad of police—seven of them were investigators, all male, and most of them where quite handsome. About eight were actual police—six male, but all still handsome (which made me even more embarrassed). The other police officers were female. A male police officer came over to me, and bent down. I hustled away, but he held out his arms, got his jacket, and said, “Come here, sweetie.” I went to his arms and he wrapped the blanked around my naked body. He hugged me, saying, “You’re safe now darling.” I cried into his arms, and saw the other people looking at me—some looked away in respect, others looked at me in pity.

My father, along with the four other men, were caught and sentenced to a long time in prison. As for me, I will never forget what happened. But I will get better with time.


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