Abuse Indicators

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The following are some indicators of sexual abuse. As a child I had all of these indicators except for three.  

  • Child does not feel safe where he/she lives
  • Change in eating habits such as anorexia and/or bulimia
  • Change in sleeping habits such as nightmares and sleep walking
  • Depressed and sad (crying episodes)
  • Angry, hostile, aggressive behavior towards others and/or animals
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive, perfectionist
  • Running away, risk taking
  • Stealing
  • Poor or unusual school behavior
  • Sexually acting out (early masturbation, seductive, or promiscuous behavior)
  • Detailed understanding of sexual behavior which is not age appropriate
  • Inability to make friends (antisocial or withdrawn)
  • Unusual fear of adults, especially men
  • Suicidal, talks of death and dying
  • Overly compliant, people pleaser
  • Regressive behavior, act babyish
  • Alcohol and/or substance abuses
  • Scratching/picking skin, cutting
  • Become prostitutes¬†



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