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Accept Yourself

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Do you think being five feet and 100 pounds is fat or skinny. Five-seven and 130 pounds? Well what about six feet and 190 pounds? Whether you consider those numbers skinny or fat it doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t worry about what the number is when you look down at the scale. You can be happy and not constantly worry about how much you weigh or even how you look. You should be happy with the way you are.

It’s your body. God gave it to you and be happy with it. We all care about how we look and you can wear makeup, nice clothes, or go tanning but we have to accept ourselves and not be on crazy diets. Trust me I know it’s hard but if that’s all we ever worry about we’ll never make true friends and we won’t be happy even though you think you would be. So I’m just telling all us girls/women to accept and love our body and ourselves so we can get that nice hot boyfriend. And why would anyone want a boyfriend that wants you to change the way you look to be hot? You’re all ready hot!


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