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I have always believed that I was tuned in to the world around me, spiritually. I am blessed with a life of very little drama or crisis. Sure, my daughters in their teen years gave me cause to contemplate a stint with the circus, but we all came to our senses. We persevered and I’m happy to say everyone is doing better than okay.

Good Karma came my way in most areas of my life, except for my selection in partners. Much like the character Wheezer in Steel Magnolias, I managed to pick two of the biggest losers one could conjure up. Again, I got through it, losing only monetary goods and fragments of my delicate ego.

Over the last few years, I have read almost every book on finding the true me, happiness, my purpose, and the secret to a happy and fulfilling life here on earth and beyond. There were times that I struggled with some of the philosophies of the authors and others that I grasped like a marked down pair of Louboutins on the DSW shoe rack. The Secret DVD and tapes really hit home with me. I knew long time ago that positive thinking was the key to all things right and quite frankly, I dug the whole Genie concept. Ask and you shall receive sounded pretty good.

The one thing that I have really come to accept in all of this self-discovery is acceptance itself. We can’t go through the world denying the bad things that go on everyday, close to home and around the world. We can accept that they happen and that’s it’s our responsibility to help make a change.

We accept that we need to go to work and make a living in order to pay the bills and provide for our families. We do not have to accept that our happiness is derived from those things our money can buy us. We can accept that our Prince Charming is not going to ride in on a white stallion or even an old grey mare, but not accept the first breathing body who promises us a very thorny rose garden.

I get it now and hopefully with a few more web-casts with Oprah and Eckhart, a long walk along the California coastline at sunset, and the perfect bottle of Pinot Noir, I will accept that life is indeed what you make it and each one of us owe it to ourselves to know the pleasures that are at our fingertips.

It sounds simple in a world that seems to thrive on such chaos but today, in your world, in this moment, accept the wonder of life and make sure that you’re doing your best to really live it. It’s your right.


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