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Actions Speak Loudly

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One day my sister, Ann, and I were talking. She had quite a bit of property and one of the local pastors, Ronald Childress, was looking for a field to rent for his horses to graze on. She had been very impressed with his gentle spirit and his kindness. Even though he didn’t know her, he invited her to come and visit his church.

It was several weeks later that I sat watching this same minister preach on television. I remembered how he had openly welcomed my sister to come to visit his church. During his sermon he warmly invited the television audience to attend his church, too.

Today you don’t see many ministers give an open invitation to an audience that may bring them visitors that they might not approve of, the ones that are really in need of finding truth and deliverance. So many churches turn away people that have actions that aren’t approved of.

As I sat back on my couch and listened to the genuine concern he had for people and felt the love that he had for all of us who were listening to him I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion, He must be a genuine Christian man to invite strangers to his church—just like Jesus would do.


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