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People sometimes sit back and wonder what life is: Why am I here? What purpose does life serve? I’ve been there. When self-worth is being actualized, it’s then that you start to realize the answers to those questions.

What does it mean to self-actualize? Does it mean to witness yourself in action—to witness yourself fulfilling your full potential? That has to be the most momentous high of all time. Yet, how many of us actually reach that pinnacle of self-actualization? Striving to attain that lofty peak can be a life time aspiration—especially when the knowingness of how to accomplish it isn’t known. The soul hungers and thirst for its face, like a wounded animal searching for food, determined not to give in to the pain—the void that cries out, “Fill me!”

There’s no vision, just a void that needs to be filled. Seeking is its temporal rampage until revelation abounds.

Faint glimpses are in view—like shadows of something to come. Putting a finger on that something is the challenge!

In this temporal tent the soul cries out—not for what’s outside it. The stimuli outside it doesn’t posses the knowledge to feed, fulfill, or nurture it. It seeks—within the depth of itself—to mesh with what will nurture it. The secular doesn’t quench its thirst. It can’t find its place out there. Although the secular is the arena where it will make its debut, it is only after it has been nurtured and revelations abound! It will witness itself performing—it will see its face, and after all its seeking, it will know its place! A marriage has occurred amid the broken pieces—and now unity abounds. There’s balance within!

What was the eternal search that beckoned my soul? That eternal waiting for the pieces to unfold? I was just trying to be all of myself—mind, body, soul and spirit—so that I could witness being outside of myself, simultaneously with my inner self! 


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