Advance Directives

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All of the hype today on the Internet about the world’s richest moms, well, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. Because my Mom has a legacy that she will leave behind in so many ways beyond the definition of wealth. She and my Dad have a love story that is to die for. I will never forget when she was in the hospital. I was in Seattle for a visit. My oldest son Stuart was there, along with my sisters and my Father. My Father is so much in love with my Mom. My Mom is eighty-two. She has been fighting for her life for a month now. My God. We are all hurting. But when we were having the family get-together, and my son showed up with his Seattle girlfriend, My Dad stood up so proudly and said “Hi. I’m Harvey and I’m partly responsible for all of this.” … i.e. all of us. All of us beautiful kids and grandkids and even without my mom there, it was beautiful. Albeit bittersweet. But, the fact remains. My Mom, despite her sometimes-poor health, had one hell of a ride with my Dad. They were sweethearts. Soul mates. My sisters and I are so blessed to have been on this earth the same time that they were. The fact is that my Mom is now in God’s hands. I’m just afraid for my Dad. He is eighty-three. God, please help me. And my Dad. They traveled the world together. They loved to cruise Seaborne, but oh, my head hurts. I must sleep now. I’m so tired.

The well has dried several days now. It must mean that I am dehydrated. There are no more tears left. I hang my time with friends, shooting pool, with anger. My bartender has graduated me to four drinks now. God love him. The world is watching over me. Just when I think the well is dry, it’s not. I cry again. But it’s not about me. It’s not about Mom anymore. Or my sisters. It’s about my Dad. My dear, sweet Dad who cries every time I talk to him and I can’t stand it anymore. I pray on my hands and knees asking God, “well, if you’re going to take her, would you just do it. Take her. Now. Please.”

I don’t usually write with my iPod blasting in my ears, but right now, I am managing to do it. The answer is blowing in the wind. 


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