Age Specific Energy Block

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Recently I worked with a client and was able to pick up on three ages where emotionally charged events caused energy locks in the system and blocked the body from building on emotional memories.

Maybe I should describe Emotional Intelligence. It’s the awareness of and ability to manage one’s emotions in a healthy and productive manner. So what happens is that an event is so emotionally charged that our ability to process it is blocked. I am sure you have heard the saying that most of the things we worry about never happen, however in this event, the opposite happens; we have no energy to bring it to mind at all. Our world view could be like \  / and with the block \/

Here is an example from another source. A man of forty-something is having a pain on his right side near the groin; I picked up that it had to do with an event at the age of twenty-two. This man tells me, “Oh yes, when I was twenty-two I was coming out of a gay bar and these guys with a baseball bat attack me, just for being gay.” Cognitively he was aware this happened, unconsciously he was not aware that he BLAMED HIMSELF for being gay. If he had not been gay, he would not have been attacked. My question: Does anyone “deserve” to be beaten with a bat for “who” they are? Did he? Rationally the answer is no. So why did he accept that he deserved it because he was gay, and on some level bought into the hate these bullies had.

Another way to describe this is blocked developmental needs. Every one of us has come across a person who does not act his or her age. Emotional development is stunted. Recently, I too, did an emotional healing session for myself. I worked with the premise that no matter how I may have been able to perform perfunctorily in my life; I must have blocks that kept me from reaching the logical end to a healing process. I was driving people around me crazy (figuratively) for four years. I kept repeating the same old lines and complaining about the same hurt. I could not find a resolution for it as hard as I looked. What I found is that on every segment in the developmental benchmarks I had erroneous beliefs that helped to create emotional blocks.

I think all of us have life events, like knots, that keep us from being able to cross the rights of passage successfully. I believe that with mindful observation of how we feel, without judging our current emotions, we can learn to successfully navigate the waves that seem to crash down on us. Instead of telling ourselves we should not think that or feel that, we should be asking ourselves; why do I feel that? It is important to remember feelings do have to make sense, negative feelings are there to help us see that something is wrong with our process, and that we can now choose to look at it and see why.


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