Ah, the Life of a Woman ...

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I’m sure plenty of us women think about this, especially when it’s that time of the month, but why is it that we women have to endure so much? I mean, we have to have the cramps, the bloating, the PMS, the headaches. Then, when we get older, we look forward to pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, and having stretch marks as proof of it all. Then, if and when we try to re-enter the workplace, we end up working twice as hard as men do and still get paid less for the same job while parenting and balancing everything else we have left.

I know this sounds like a rampage, but it’s not. It’s not a complete tear-up of the male gender either. In reality, I mentioned all those things to praise women for all that they are and to give them the credit that they completely deserve. After all women go through, whether we choose to or not, we still manage to balance all that yucky stuff with the pleasures we have in life, whether that’s spending time with friends, singing, exercising, or cooking. We all, though very unique and different, have something else that keeps us going, despite the other things in life, both controllable and not, that try to bring us down.

So everyday, and even those days when my girlfriends and I just look at each other defeatedly and say, “Man, I wish I was a dude…”, I realize that I’m lucky and I’m proud to be a girl. Just being one gives me the credibility that I am a strong just for being able to do things that men won’t even have a chance at experiencing or even sympathizing with.

And shoot, if I had the choice to rather have whatever a man’s comparison would be to a woman’s period, I’d go for it. But that’s taking the easy way out. Sure, a man may have it easy in this world, but that only goes as far as cramps and childbirth. From then on, it’s a level playing field out there, and for all you who have yet to meet a real woman, you better watch out!



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