Aha! Moments: Memoir Labyrinth Writing Series, Number 10

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< We’re back to the power of words and how writing affects each of us. When we write stories, we stir memories, and to put those memories down on paper, we call on creative insight, which is triggered by a specific, scientifically traceable, kind of internal energy. When you to write short, true tales—bio-vignettes—about someone of significance in your life by finding the aha! moment you will seize as the basis for your story, your creative instincts are jump started.

It’s no wonder why, during one of my workshops, for instance, people move into a space of intense focus and high energy while writing their “Mother Memoirs,” as well as becoming completely tuned in to the work of other writers in the group. These power-filled experiences come about as a direct result of finding and moving compelling memories to memoir.

Let’s find that aha! moment by walking through the labyrinth of our minds with this tried-and-true exercise:

  • Tell yourself you are going on a little journey to find a special memory—the aha! moment
  • Bring into focus the person you plan to write about and hold that personal image close, very close
  • Now sit comfortably, let your thoughts move inward as you close your eyes
  • Leave your heart and spirit open to what will flow out of the recesses of your subconscious mind 
  • Breathe slowly in and out through your nose; let your tongue relax on the bottom of your mouth to release tension
  • Feel your breath softly touch your nostrils with each inhale, while you bring the personal image you’ve chosen to the forefront of your mind
  • With each exhale, breathe out mind chatter and relax into yourself
  • Let memories appear—it is as though they slide in through the filmy layers of the subconscious to gain a conscious presence
  • Now take note of an essential memory that has caught your attention and begin to write about it

Your aha! moment has arrived, bursting into consciousness, sparked by a surge of electricity in your brain. Allow your insight and creativity to take over.


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