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There are a number of occasions when one encounters choices that include categories such as “religious” or “inspirational.” In fact, the most recent of these for me was exploring the categories within this Web site, which I just signed up on today. I always look into to the religious or inspirational headings to see what is available, as I am quite a religious person. In fact, the spiritual part of my life is central. Jesus is quoted as saying, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God (or maybe heaven?) and all this shall be added unto you.” As if life were a wheel, and one’s relationship with the divine is at the hub. If it is off center, there is no way the wheel is going to turn evenly. I think that is spot-on advice, even though I am not specifically a follower of the one I am quoting.

That’s right. Please accept my apologies if it is upsetting to you to find out that I am not a Christian. There is much wisdom in all spiritual traditions, but my home base is Paganism. In fact, I am a Witch.

Sometimes when I look into the option tree that opens out from the “religious” or “spiritual” options, there is nothing for me. All of the options are sometimes for Christians. Sometimes Jews are included, occasionally Muslims. For many people, discussions about religious and spiritual experiences are limited to Christians only. Including the other Abrahamic faiths is considered expansive, inclusive and heart and soul-stretching, truly interfaith.

Yet there are many of us, and our numbers are growing, who have answered a different call. We are Pagans of all stripes, Native Americans, Buddhists, and Hindus. This is a list off the top of my head. If I am leaving your group out, forgive me. The point is that we are here, our spirits are strong, and our relationship with our goddesses and gods is strong. Divine blessing flows richly, freely, unconstrained by the ideas of any particular religion.

When I gaze at the full moon, and remember that that self-same moon has inspired shamans and Witches from time immemorial, I go all warm and runny inside. The ancient alchemical elements of earth, air, fire, and water make up my body and keep me alive. When the light waxes and wanes and the seasons change, I resonate with the cycles of life. The Goddess speaks to me on the wind. God shows up in the very circumstances or my life. My spiritual life is deep, rich and satisfying.

Many Witches are afraid to admit their spiritual leanings, hiding in what we call the “broom closet.” The history leading to the hysteria that was the burning times has created an atmosphere of fear around pre-Christian nature-based religions. That business of equating our horned god with the Christian devil still causes confusion.

If you are secure in your own faith, and if it is different from mine, please know that I respect your right, indeed, your obligation, to serve your highest light in the way you are called. If you are searching, and nothing you have found yet seems to hit the spot, you might want to expand your search. If you thrill at the sight of the lovely crescent of a new moon, if your heart sings when you are in a lush natural setting, if you almost feel as if there are messages coming form the whispering of leaves in the trees, if the natural cycles of earth seem sacred to you, you might just be a Pagan. Don’t let that scare you; it is a beautiful thing to be.



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