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Almost a New Year..

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This past year has been the longest, and then again, the fastest, most exciting year, of my life..
I was married. I met a man. I decided to divorce a man I hadn't loved in a very long time. I learned that I love to sail. I moved to a new state. I found a new lob.
Does this sound like enough excitement for one person? And, all of this didn't begin until the month of May, 5 months into the year.
Have you ever wondered, how much change, not necessarily good, you can bear? I had wondered that over the years many, many times. The man I was married to made me feel that way.
He was, and is, a good man. The best in many ways. But, years had gone by, he'd made a life out of hesitancy, negativity, and stagnation. I felt it keenly; I needed change but never felt as if it was possible to make it happen. He was too good to me.
Then, out of the blue sky, another  man came into my life. NOT looking for a man, as I was a married woman, it was a huge surprise to me that I was attracted, and that he was, as well.
It's a long story, but it was enough to make me leave the cocoon that I'd been so long wrapped in. I hadn't planned this. I didn't HAVE a plan. All I had was the gut need to see where I could go.
So, the summer was spent planning, learning how to sail, relaxing and preparing for a momentous life change.
It's happened - I am single, I now work p/t at something I hadn't done in many years, and I've just recently landed another p/t gig that will also contribute to the rent..
Am I making myself clear? I hope so.
What I mean is this, in a nutshell: I was a middle aged woman, very attached and needy for all the wrong reasons, who found a backbone and left. I never thought I'd force the issue and do it. But I did, and it's a new time. New friends, new work, new possibilities. I feel the need to travel, to live in new places; something he never would have done. It will happen now. I am now going to be able to test myself, to see what I can accomplish on my own. I don't care if it's working every day with sweat drippoing down my back - I want to know I can do it and succeed.
I want to tell you that I hope I can; and I think it'spossible, that YOU can do it, as well. Don't hestitate. If you are also thinking that there's more, and on the cusp, there is. But you have to try it in order to find it.


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