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Alone Time Is Happy Time

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I never understood the reason why girls couldn’t go to the bathroom by themselves. When I was in high school, they would always ask someone to accompany them; I was never one of those girls. At that time I just didn’t want to conform to everyone else, but as I grew older, it developed into something more.

My father has a habit of going to the movies by himself; I tried doing it and enjoyed doing so. Since then, I made it a point to treat myself once in a while. My usual itinerary would be catching a movie, eating at a restaurant and then go shopping if I have money left. My friends found it weird; I found it therapeutic.

There are times when there is just so much work to be done, too much pressure being given, and going out is refreshing. I do appreciate the company of my friends and loved ones, but I find a different kind of fulfillment when being alone.

There are times in which I doubt myself, when my self-esteem is going down the drain and suddenly I experience self-pity and insecurities. When I feel such things, I go out on my own. Every time I do so, I start liking myself better, appreciating myself and just enjoying everything that surrounds me. At the end of my date with myself, I always realize that I’m not so bad to be with. In fact, I’m a load of fun. 

I have talked my friends into trying the same thing, it was a big deal for them at first, the idea of eating in public alone sounded absurd to them. When I finally got them to try it, which I might add, they did out of curiosity, they gave me positive feedbacks. My boyfriend and I do the same thing, instead of going on a date we sometimes go separate ways and tell each other what we did at the end of the day.

It shouldn’t be scary, weird, nor embarrassing to go to the movies alone, or to eat at a five star restaurant or a burger joint all by yourself. It is nice to spend some time with myself every once in a while. I spend almost every second of all my days with other people; I think it is only right to spend some time with myself. It’s like self-medication, a time of reflection, a time for fun, and time for self-appreciation that most people sometimes forget to do.

Speaking of which … I had better go, I have a movie to catch.  


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