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A feeling rushing into me. Can’t breathe. Can’t stop and think or won’t.

Overwhelmed. Overjoyed. A sunken ship that I wouldn’t want to raise.

I wrestle the idea. Came out hurt. Remembered hurt once more.

Battered. Battled. Baffled by the same instance over and over again.

I sat. Laid down. Awoken of the nightmare that’s been hunting me forever.

I sat. I stood. Wanting to walk away from everything all at once.

A mask. A face. The one I’ve been putting on since.

Happy. Joyous. Are the feelings that I’ve never truly had for so long.


Sincere. True. Is what I’ll never be to myself if not for you.

Something’s rushing into me. My blood. My mind.

I feel tired of all these things. The tricks. The games.

I’d like to come running. Screaming. Crying.

Tears falling down my cheeks. Fast. Warm.

I took a turn. Stopped. Cried more.

I looked behind me. No one. None.

I started thinking. Always. Always.


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