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Amid Autumn’s Golden Hue

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There is something about the change of seasons that has always appealed to me. The lush green of summer giving way to the fire amber hues of autumn always takes my breath away. Reminding me of the beauty inherent in creativity of God. Creativity … and the importance of taking the time to notice it.

Every day as I drive into town or on some errand I pass through an area that is lined with trees on both sides of the rural roads I live on. As cooler weather encroaches, this particular drive goes from richly shadowed to glowing. Even on a cloudy day such as today … when bitter winds remind of snow flakes soon to be dancing through the air … the golden radiance makes me wonder if perhaps heaven looks something like it. Not a little bit what heaven will look like.

We live in a world created by an artistic God that was ultimately marred by rebellion and the ugliness of sin. Some times, when life gets hectic or chaotic, it can be easy to forget to take a breath. We miss the opportunities to catch the snowflakes on our tongue or giggle along with the amusement of babies. Amusement. We forget that life is more than cooking, cleaning, and picking up messes made.

This day take a moment. Step outside. Be the cliché … smell the roses. Gaze at the sky. See the beauty in a cloudy day. Leave the lunch dishes on the counter until after dinner. Listen to the conversation of children. Admire the craftsmanship of the Master Builder and then set out to see what other treasured moments may come your way.


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