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Anger Management!

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I don’t normally consider myself an angry individual however a recurrence of Alopecia Areata is testing my resilience. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. I was completely bald for seven years and then miraculously my hair re-appeared just in time for my son’s wedding. Go figure! I’ve enjoyed the precious follicles for over a year but Alopecia is having it’s way again—and the shedding is relentless. As anyone who has experienced hair loss will testify the emotions attached to appearance issues are difficult to properly explain and more difficult to experience. When my hair began to grow, I cautioned myself not to become attached but as the months slipped by and my hair remained anchored, I began to believe that my hair loss was a thing of the past.

As with my first bout of hair loss, loved ones and friends try to reassure me that my bald spots aren’t visible and that my hair isn’t thin. I’m angry about losing my hair but I’m more angry about having to convince those around me that the many large bald spots are real and that I have considerable hair loss! MIRRORS DON’T LIE!

Is there such a thing as “hair anger management”? Sign me up—I need a crash course.


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