Another Phase of Life

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After moving in with my boyfriend in February, we found out one month later that he had a brain tumor. We found out March 10 and surgery was on March 16. It was a long ten hours, but he made it through the surgery with only minor paralyzation on the right side of his face and total loss of hearing in the right ear. I was there for him everyday. He spent a week in the hospital and two months in therapy, learning to walk and talk all over again.

While all this was going on the ex gave all my belongings away including socks and underwear. The ex was a true horror of a man. Here’s a fair warning to all young girls out there. If your guy can’t treat his own mother with some respect there’s a good chance you aren’t going to get any respect either. His mother had a eighteen-year affair with a man. If that weren’t bad enough, she would drag the kids including myself to his house on weekends. Gee I wonder where the respect went.

I tried to get my belongings several times and was attacked by my ex. The last time I didn’t call the ex and just went in with my father and everything was gone. There was a lot of my deceased mothers’ clothes and he got rid of everything else. When I confronted him about my mother’s things he said he didn’t know they were hers. He lied, he knew. My mother passed away in 2001. I wasn’t there for her and I feel really bad about that, instead I was at Jamboree in the hills in Ohio partying it up and having a good time. Prior to leaving for Ohio I went and visited my parents my mother, and she said she felt great and that she thought the cancer was gone. She was going to the doctor to have him check and she told me to go and enjoy myself. I believed her. She gave me an Angel that she made to put on the table to watch out over me.

We left the next day, which was Sunday. I called on Wednesday and everything was fine. Then mysteriously all the cell phones were dead and everyone forgot their chargers. We drank and did drugs and listened to good music. The ex and I fought continuously and he always disappeared. The day before we left somebody slapped me right out of my sleep. There was only one problem the ex was snoring away, and we were the only two people in the camper. I believe it was my mother trying to wake me up. We left Ohio on Sunday morning when we stopped for gas I kept asking if anybody else heard the music. It sounded like music boxes playing. We arrived at home to the clock my mother gave me on the floor stopped at 8:47. My mother passed away at 8:47 and they were playing the music boxes that I gave her when she died. I miss my mother a lot. I still have the Angel that she made for me, so I know that she is now happy that I got away from the ex. My boyfriend hung the Angel in the doorway so everyone can see it. He is a great guy.


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