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Another Year

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Another year…will come and go---
For good …for worse---who rather knows—

The night will end to begin the mark of a beautiful day---
With memories divine ---my mind sways.

For dreams,  I wish I could catch like a train,
and things I’d let go, that went in vain—

The flowers will bloom and the leaves would fall…
The spirit of life…that I enthrall.

For the ones who mattered---for the ones I love—
Who will be around even if the distances would be uncountable.
The moonlit skies that would pass…
And I wish I could keep a count of all the stars!

Another year..will come and go…
For good..for worse who knows—

I win I lose…but I want a count for everything,
There are times when some happy moments sing—
So I'd rather recall them and be as merry as ever…
and dream and read endlessly…forever!

Another year----will come---and pass by—
Making me wonder that time just flies…
So I count each second--- making it as livable as I can… 
Forgetting the worse and living the happiness!


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