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An Answered Call (A Tribute to President Cory Aquino)

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Thought of re-writing my previous note (Thankful After the Pause) as a tribute to the Philippines’ former beloved President Cory Aquino.

“The best use of life is to invest in something, which will outlast life.”
–William James

I spent the other night fulfilling my resolve to de-clutter my room, which of course involved emptying my bags of paper scraps, safety pins and finding things that I thought were perpetually lost. This cleaning mode started with my books. I realized that I had the habit of appointing almost all tables (and chairs) in our rooms as bookshelves. Rearranging the books was therapeutic, putting together all the business/management books in one side and all the inspirational ones in a special section that I could easily reach anytime my spirit would need a lift. This helped me unearth the fact that I have purchased so many books, but surprised to see certain titles existing in our house. I think I was hit by a consumerism bug, which could be good for the economy but bad if you deem material possessions as your sources of comfort, security, joy, and confidence.

The service in Church was again full of lifechanging insights, but as our Pastor put it, a dumbbell on its own can’t build your muscles. It’s when you pick it up and use it that it transforms into something useful and beneficial. You may be touched by a powerful message but it’s only our willingness and resolute commitment to change and renew our faith in God daily that can shape our lives into something that bears fruit with love, joy, and heartwarming success. Not putting into practice what we have learned from a great book, can be as dangerous as not opening it.

Inspiration is available wherever we are. Yes, inspiration is available 24/7, not only through things that we could observe with our own eyes, but also by way of the wonderful changes that have happened, and continue to take place in us. One great beacon of inspiration is our former President, Corazon Aquino. Her magnificent courage, unwavering faith in God, loving kindness, and genuine compassion certainly molded her to be one of the most amazing leaders of our time. The world was able to witness how one humble mother/wife can change a nation, with the right values shining through her every action and prayer guiding her heart.

God can use anyone to change the world, and in the case of our beloved Tita Cory, she wholeheartedly answered God’s call for her to fulfill her mission in our nation. With her humility, pure heart, and loving ways, she was able to transcend many battles. She let God guide her. She walked with Him. She followed Him. She made Him smile.

She is now with our Creator, and a more beautiful life has just begun for her in Heaven. Her life is a radiant picture of how a servant leader/housewife can change the landscape of people’s lives in a tremendous way through a kind heart. We are all called to serve others through the gifts God has given us. We should truly invest in eternity. Inspired by the words of Mother Teresa,” Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace.” Beyond fame, money, and power, each nation should be led by individuals whose lives beam with love, humility, integrity, and great inward strength. We will forever be illuminated by the light she has brought into our lives. She was called to lead and she faithfully answered. We need people who will, with their admirable trait of others-centeredness, translate compassion into action.


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