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Anxiety, My Guru

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Like Kris Carr, the warrior who documents her battle with cancer, I have decided to discuss how anxiety is my guru. Let’s not kid ourselves. When I say guru, I am not talking about an easy road to the Divine, nope. My guru has caused me to shed many layers of my skin, painfully.

My health is different, my attitude towards life is different, my mind is different, and my heart is different. I have put so much of my trust in the Divine. When I have bouts of anxiety, I get angry. I then quickly realize that I am a part of this journey and that my free will is often my worst enemy. I do have the power though.

I am sometimes able to imagine my heart lit up with rays of light projecting outward from my body into the world. I can overcome this knawing anxiety. The symptoms eat away at me. This isn’t who I am. I refuse to succumb to it. I will bless this condition and say goodbye. It is tough when I experience anxiety because I wonder if this whole Divine thing is just a farse. It can’t be. I can feel inside of me that there is more to this world than we think. I am growing spiritually. Thank you, anxiety.


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