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April Is National Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

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April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. If the red flags are going off, do not ignore them. Talk to your children as much as possible I order to educate them about sexual abuse. Tell them no matter what, they did nothing wrong and need to tell you immediately. Teach them self-defense or enroll them in classes. Show them where to kick, scratch, scream, punch, pinch, gouge eyes, etc. Tell them to pick up the nearest thing to hit the sexual predator with. 

When my daughter was about three years old, her regular babysitter was going on vacation. Since I received state assistance with childcare they provided me with a substitute provider for two weeks. I interviewed her and her family. Everything appeared okay. Besides she was State Certified, right? They did routine inspections, right? 

Within a few days I just felt in my gut something was wrong. I noticed her house was always spotless and there were no toys for the children to play with. I brought her a bag of toys, which she never opened. The kids slept in a very dark refinished basement. Immediately I noticed her teenage son took a very strange interest in my young daughter. This is not normal behavior of a teenage boy. One day when I came to pick her up, he came downstairs holding my daughter’s hand. His mother said, “my son just loves your daughter.” I was horrified. The red flags were going off left and right. I still feel to this very day her son was grooming my daughter to be sexually abused. The flashbacks immediately came back of the molestation my half brother subjected me to. He always was so eager to volunteer to babysit. Now we know why because he is a sexual predator before he was even a teenager. 

As soon as I got my daughter in my vehicle, I questioned her about everything in the most inconspicuous way I could to a three-year-old in order not to make her feel as if she did anything wrong if something did happen. I thank God nothing did, but as I said I feel he was grooming my daughter. 

I called the State the next day telling them everything. I took the next week of work off until my trusted babysitter came back from vacation. 

Months later as I was driving to work I heard on the radio the woman was arrested for drugging the kids with Valium. I wanted to drive right to her house and strangle the life out of her because chances are she gave my child Valium.

Never assume your child will tell you someone is sexually abusing them because I did not say a word for over thirty years. My parents had no clue. Neither did my Aunt, whose children were abused by the same predator, my half-brother. Now we know why he was so eager to always babysit. 

I know it is a subject no one really wants to talk about with their children, but we MUST. We live in an evil world full of sexual predators and it is only getting worse. Once a child is sexually abused their innocence is gone forever. Their childhood is gone forever. They most likely end up with mental disorders and/or addictions. According to Dreamcatchers for Abused Children,, 85 percent of those in jail were subjected to some type of abuse. I was subjected to both domestic violence and sexual abuse. I ended up in jail. Once for defending myself against my 6’2” husband and another because my PTSD was surfacing and my life was spiraling out of control. I have mental disorders. I have addiction problems such as violence, shopping, drugs, and alcohol. I finally realized drugs and alcohol only masked my problems and if I continued I would end up in jail from hurting someone due to a blackout. Addictions do not always have to be drug and alcohol related. It could be food, sex, stealing, picking at your skin, and cutting. Like I said it could also be shopping and violence. 

If your child is having problems such as these, even if they are an adult, ask them what happened to them. I have been asking this question to people over the past few years. All (men and woman) by one admitted they were subjected to domestic violence and/or sexual abuse. I was told she lied. She is now in jail. Remember that 85 percent statistic? 

Once a month key in your zip code and those surrounding it in your State’s State Police Megan’s law website to see if a registered sexual offender is in your area. Remember these are only the ones who were caught. I do not even want to think about how many are out there who have not been caught such as my half brother. It makes me sick to even refer to him as even a half brother. Sexual predators look for single women with children especially on dating websites. Trust no one with your children. Not even other children. My half brother was twelve and I was eight when it first happened. 

Refer to my below list for some sexual abuse indicators. As a child I had all, but three. Please do everything in your power to make sure your child is protected. It could be happening in your own home and you don’t even know it. May God bless our children against sexual predators giving them the happy childhoods they deserve resulting in happy adulthoods. My childhood was stolen from me, so I am making it my mission to do everything in my power to bring awareness to domestic violence and sexual abuse in order to protect our children as much as possible. I never want any child to end up like me with Chronic PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. 

Abuse Indicators: 

• Child does not feel safe where he/she lives
• Change in eating habits such as anorexia &/or bulimia
• Change in sleeping habits such as nightmares and sleep walking
• Depressed and sad(crying episodes)
• Angry, hostile, aggressive behavior towards others &/or animals
• Anxiety
• Obsessive; Perfectionist
• Running away; risk taking 
• Stealing
• Poor or unusual school behavior
• Sexually acting out (early masturbation, seductive or promiscuous behavior)
• Detailed understanding of sexual behavior which is not age appropriate
• Inability to make friends(antisocial or withdrawn)
• Unusual fear of adults, especially men
• Suicidal, talks of death and dying
• Overly compliant; people pleaser
• Regressive behavior, act babyish
• Alcohol, substance, spending, violence, sex, stealing, food, etc. addictions
• Scratching/picking skin, cutting
• Become prostitutes 


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