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April Showers Bring May Flowers

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Have you ever heard of the expression, “stop and smell the roses?” I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes. Even so, that expression is probably the best advice you’ll ever get. There is absolutely always something to notice, something to stop for, and there are always, always, things to see. But there’s a catch. You must be in the moment of it; you must be in that state of mind where everything around you is vibrant. Where every red seems redder, every smell makes your inhale deeper, your exhale slower, and every touch makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand. Even if you think it’s just another day, there’s something that needs to be experienced.

It’s tough, I know, to experience anything good when it seems like Alanis Morissette wrote the song Ironic  just for you. How can anything around you pop when everything, and anything, is going wrong?

Easy. Remember who you are. When your world feels like it’s coming right out from under you, just stop and remember. I have an awfully hard time remembering who I am. Know who you are, and know that you’re made of nothing but goodness, and because of that you will do good. No, not do well. You can and will do good. Look to the sky, the flashes of light tearing apart colors of deep blue, and know that it can’t last. Even if you have to say to yourself, this moment will pass, this moment will pass, and it will all be over, say it. Then just keep on moving through it. No matter how removed you get, perseverance is your secret weapon. And there’s a reward. Well, sort of a reward. The strength that you gain through all of this, the feeling you’ll get back will last in so many ways beyond your imagination. Long, long after the vivid memories of this moment are gone. 

Next time you’re having a bad day, next time there’s only spoons when you just want to eat with a fork, think to yourself, this feeling of going through the motions, the feeling of can anything else go wrong? Will pass. It can’t last forever, and then experience. After all, April showers do, in fact, bring May flowers. Why not stop and take a breath?


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