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Are You on Track?

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Hard to believe the first quarter is almost over! I have been spending a few minutes every day over the last week reviewing the goals I set at the beginning of January, and I wondered how many of us actually are on track to meet and exceed the goals we set for ourselves.

Goal setting can be overwhelming in and of itself, but when we have the tools, setting realistic and achievable goals can be a zip. Tools? Yes, there are a few tricks of the trade regarding setting goals that empower you to successfully achieve while supporting your overall growth personally and professionally.

From my professional and personal experience, the key behind setting goals is being able to understand yourself well enough to be honest about what a realistic goal is and what it isn’t. I hear some of you snickering, but these are the nuts and bolts of setting goals: self-truth. It’s great to have the big picture laid out and aim high. But if you are always aiming high without some very realistic and achievable goals along the way, then achieving your big-picture success can be very painful and, well, you may not actually get there.

The truth is if you set all of your goals too high and too far out of reach, then how will you be able to celebrate all of the hard work, focus, good intentions, and love along the way? Think about how if you are always just coming up shy on some of your goals—even if you just miss achieving them by a few hours or a few days—this can and will affect your commitment. Over time if we are consistently missing our goal dates and milestones, this establishes and reinforces patterns that are ultimately neither in our highest nor our best interest.

One of the tools I use helps identify patterns that are not in your best interest and then support you to write new patterns. Margaret Ruby is an amazing individual and has given us a tool to help find these patterns deep within our beings. The patterns handed down to us through generations without even being consciously aware of them is held within our DNA. We use Ruby’s approach to not only heal the DNA patterns of past, but also to understand the value behind the old patterns to support us to write new patterns of thought and action.

So now we are almost a quarter of the way through the year. Are you on track to achieve your desired goals? If not, maybe it is time to look at the underlying patterns that are not supportive of your own success, write new ones, and review the goals before to ensure that in fact they are in alignment with your big picture of success.

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom.




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