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The Art of Playing

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It’s time to play! Didn’t you just love recess when you were a kid? It was my favorite part of the day during school. I would bet if you asked any school-aged child about their day, they would share with you about their recess more then any other part of their day.

Someone in history came along and told a lie that when you are an adult, you can’t play anymore, that your job now is to work hard if you want to get ahead. There isn’t any time in your life now to play. I don’t even know who came up with this word “adult.” What does that really mean? I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t apply to me.

I tried being the adult for many years. Working two jobs most of my life, raising a family, helping with careers, bills, and the house. I am sure my kids would tell you I wasn’t always fun. (Believe that one.)

It wasn’t until all of this was taken away from me that I had to learn how to play. Real child’s play … not the adult kind where you are off partying all the time. There is nothing wrong with partying, but true child’s play is different. When is the last time you went to the park and played? I love to swing and I even have my puppy swing with me.

One thing I learned about playing is that it lifts your spirit. It helps you to clear away all the negative energy around you and makes you feel alive. By playing and being more playful, you will find that the answers to situations will come flowing to you much easier (rather than sitting at a desk beating your head to find answers). Playing opens us up to the natural flow of life’s energy. The more you play, the more your life will be filled with magic.

The next time your child or pet brings you a toy to play, drop what you are doing and get down on the floor and play. It isn’t just for them; it is a sign for you that you need more play in your life. I have had many people, even teens, tell me, “I don’t know how to play.” Many people don’t. Some examples: go to the park, go to the toy department and check out all the toys, invite friends over and play games or cook together, go for a walk or bike ride just for fun (don’t focus on working out), build a tent in the living room, go on a picnic … Get creative and do things that will be fun and lifts your spirit, and do them often!

Life is meant for us to play and have fun. We live on the biggest playground in the universe. Let’s get out there and have some real fun. I need more playmates.

Affirmation: I find time everyday to laugh, play and enjoy life.


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