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The Art of Re-parenting – How to Get Your Kids to Grow Up

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Reparenting oneself, what does that mean? I have certainly been doing this for awhile. I think it is so difficult because it is an anathema to our biology, I mean, our mothers are supposed to have proper maternal instincts, and our fathers are supposed to have proper instincts as well. Paternal instincts. And then, if they did not and we do, ouch. I mean, ouch.

I had my first child at twenty. From the moment he was conceived, I was ready to give up anything to be with him and care for him. His presence made all else obsolete, I would never call it a sacrifice, because it was totally natural. I never felt I was sacrificing a damn thing. I get so much out of motherhood, and I get to give to them what they deserve. When I attempted to do anything outside of home-keeping with him, I felt panicked, like someone was ripping him away from me. Sound dramatic? That’s the mother bear instinct. That instinct is there for a reason.

I don’t know why some parents lack that, besides of course their own pain, unresolved and unprocessed, of which they are so unconscious. That may qualify as an answer to our “WTF’s!”

It is hard parenting. Especially when we have unhealed wounds. They just get passed right on to the new brood. When we are actively healing, it is hard too. I had some very hard days as a young mama. But never did I walk out on my children. I was speaking with another fellow advocate recently, who said to me, “You do not give up, parents who abandon their kids take the easy way out.”

It is definitely the selfish way. Infuriating as it is, essentially, they are the ones missing out. They miss the magic, wonder, and challenge which propagates such soulful growth. We miss out too, yes. But in taking stock, do we really want to be raised by such selfish people, or do we want them to be different people all together? Unselfish (they are not), loving and attentive to us, stable, responsible, healthy boundaries. The child within wants a mom, period! Or a dad who did not molest or rape or beat them. As the adult we know, we cannot reconcile the wish parent with the real one, they are not the same. My good girlfriend and I call these parents “biological birth vehicles.” They got you here, and whether you can see it right now, you are here for a reason. I am glad you are here! All of the pain and suffering and betrayal will not be in vain if you decide as such. Especially when you choose to heal. You begin to see how beautiful, valuable, sweet, innocent, and worthy of all the doting in the world you were (and are), how worthy of wholeness and love you are, how worthy of … safety and protection you were as a child, the next logical question is what happened? As we heal, our light illuminates the darkness of the pain that was placed on us, so some would rather sit in the dark. We begin, with our own soul light to see the reality of our wonder and worth which begs the question, WTF?! What is wrong with people? How can a mother/father do—(insert proper issue, abandon, molest, drug, rape, ignore, slap, manipulate, pick one, or more than one.) Many people would rather make excuses for parents, because we do not have easy answers to this and it is so hard, scary, and downright overwhelming to confront such a huge issue. The question itself is so painful.



I know.

I think sometimes this is why parents are able to leave/abuse their kids. They have been handed generations of pain and abuse, and rather than stop and face this pain, rather than use their light to illuminate the suffering that was so unfairly put on them, they bury it and pass it on. They go on, soul light unlit, sitting in the darkness of their parents’ legacy of pain. They say, “Dad made inappropriate comments about my body, but he didn’t mean it”, or “Yes, he bathed with us, but … ” or “My mom left me, but she had to save herself … ” (and not her child, hmmm) or “He wasn’t emotionally neglectful, he just does not express himself!” Or “He raped me while we were married, but I never thought he would hurt you.”



Or my favorite excuse, straight from my own blood family, “But honey, it was the drugs. And it was not rape, how can you say that? He loves you so much, it was the drugs.”


Maybe because insertion of the penis into a child is well, rape.

I digress.

Their is a price to be paid both ways. Stay unconscious and in the dark, lie to yourself, refuse to look and see these unconscious patterns of pain.

Or turn on your light, choose to heal and face the devastating truths about your parents/mother/father/uncle/aunt/cousin/priest/brother/sister. Be willing to know what is in the darkness. It is better than everyone sitting blind, in the darkness.

We do not turn on the light, because we are afraid of what it will illuminate, reveal. But the light we need to turn on is the light within, it is our inner light, the light of our soul. I believe it is our natural state to turn our light on. If you choose the darkness either by chosen silence, minimizing your pain, excusing parents who have abused, neglected, or abandoned you, you do so at the cost of your soul. Living that way is to enslave yourself. It goes against the divine order of things as we are all meant to shine.


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