The Art of Reinvention as a Lifestyle for Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs

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“To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.”—John Dewey

We soul-driven entrepreneurial types are an interesting lot … we are compelled to do something that we believe is about who we are as a business, allowing passion and enthusiasm to guide our lives and businesses, following an inner need to pursue truth and express it honestly as we know it, creating our own unique path by being our authentic selves, and all with the desire to make the world a better place for being in it. Even more, we do this in the face of daunting external odds, intimidating circumstances, often on the leading edge of our respective industries and with generally not enough resources to make it all happen. And yet—we do it.

Every morning, you probably find yourself wanting to lay in bed, but you can’t—your brain is already on. And you remember all the cool stuff that you get to learn and do and your business pulls you out from under the sheets to get going. And you have a day that’s filled with unpredictable occurrences, amazing synchronicities and wondrous discoveries (amidst all the turmoil, chaos, last-minute urgencies, multiple priorities, and not knowing feelings).

At the end of your day that has flown and is now probably hours later than most people would leave work, you reluctantly decide to stop doing what makes you a little crazy and yet is your outlet and source for an energy that you can’t get anywhere else.

And you think about how it went, realizing where you could optimize an opportunity better tomorrow, and a new solution for something that was holding something up and a better way to support a client … all in the interest of doing it all over again.

While most people would likely not understand the lure of soul-driven entrepreneuring, you can’t help it. Your soul calls you forward and asks you to become a bigger person to not just match the energy of being more conscious but of creating a new livelihood and becoming a change agent for other people. That is the real meaning of doing it right as a soul-driven business owner. And it requires constant reinvention on your part …

Just when you think you are ‘there’, wherever that might be, that you’ve finally gotten the hang of what was a challenge for you, you are stretched to new levels of insight, awareness and, accordingly, action. Your spirit compels the expression of your biggest you, which is constantly evolving to be even bigger. What’s a soul-driven entrepreneur to do?

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1. Heed Your Calling. If your spirit, intuition or guides are giving you messages to go bigger, just do it! Suffering is caused by resisting what is and, for entrepreneurs, missing the opportunities as they present. Allow yourself to get the messages and take right action to support them. Doing this one thing will likely completely reinvent your life and business—just do it.

2. Know What You Know. That means feeling the certainty of something with the same degree of knowingness as you know your own gender (as in, being a man or a woman). Stay firm in your dreams, feel the power of internal and self-directed confidence and give yourself the freedom to act in alignment with what you know to be true for you.

3. Invest in Your Reinvention. If you need additional skills, tools, training, experiences or guidance, it is your responsibility to go get it. Now is not the time to skimp on investing in yourself. In fact, it is absolutely vital that you invest in your vision and set support systems in place for your success so that you are ready for anything that happens in right timing. By broadening your resources, you are evolving yourself faster and, as a result, can show up more fully in your business and touch the world in a bigger way.

So, the next time you think when is my life / business going to slow down?, remember that you have a requisite lifestyle of reinvention as a soul-driven entrepreneur. And by following what makes you happy, you’re doing it just exactly right.


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