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The Art of Seduction

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From the day of Adam and Eve we have been tricked into thinking that life is better with a cigarette, soda pop, sports car, or a brand new mp3 player that can entertain you in ways that a stereo player could never do. All of these products have one thing in common, an insatiable cure for more of them leaving us with false hope. The advertisers of these products have come under intense scrutiny for ruining our health, our marriages and our dreams that we so often have of lives that we feel can be trouble free if we become sucked into thinking that there can be hope in materialistic objects of worship. 

In order for us to conquer the enemy we must separate fact from fiction to live a happier and healthier life. When we start out in life we are given nothing but the essentials which are food for our bodies, clothes to wear, and a name for ourselves which will stay with us throughout our lives. Our parents are the providers for our needs physically, spiritually, and mentally. What we do with their guidance and way of life will greatly affect our decision making and where we end up in our own adult lives. As babies we are nursed by our mothers and paraded around our neighborhood by our proud fathers who think the world of us when we take our first step or speak our first word that is automatically recorded and put down somewhere for safekeeping. 

By the age of six we begin to form opinions about ourselves and of others also. When a child starts school he or she will make friends and begin a new relationship with peers that will help us to form our socializing habits and companionship that help us to feel good about ourselves and the lives of others around us while in our school years. If children have physical abnormalities or something that affects their speech or a different behavior than the other children it will be noticed by their peers and immediately picked upon because they are different than everyone else around them. the child's way of thinking then becomes clouded and feelings of self worth are greatly reduced because of the way that others see them. It is then that we are seduced by our own thinking and hurtful ways that rob them of Gods purpose for their lives. 

When they are credited for what they can accomplish the child can develop a self confidence that will be seen by others and have a profound impact on them as well. In our teen years we have adopted the habits of smoking, drugs and sex that are more harmful to us than anyone can ever imagine or think. The image we project to the world is so important for us to watch since we are left vulnerable by what other people think of us making us either a star or a failure overnight. Both the male and female teen are craving acceptance at this time in their lives by their peers, their parents and the world around them. 

The world and the human way of thinking have captured both the attention of the average male and female and will shape their lives making them think that they have to look or do a certain act to be accepted by the girl next door or that man crooning them on a stage at a live performance giving them images that are impossible for them to obtain. In this day of 2009 the art of cigarette smoking has become a taboo thing to do in most public venues that used to have everyone lighting up to calm their nerves and give them a sense of fulfillment and the security that they needed. They are now a victim and not a victor over what society has told them is okay to indulge in and will not be harming them in any way. 

The lure of drugs for both physical stamina in sporting events and the feeling of getting high on a few shots has wrecked the lives of many individuals who would otherwise lead a normal life and in the lives of athletes who are wanting to win so badly that they will go to great lengths to run that extra mile or hit that longer home run more often than the ordinary baseball player would have done leaves them feeling high and dry and a victim of their own circumstances. In the world of sex we are told that a larger penis will give the male the edge he needs to be successful in the bedroom and giving his partner more fulfillment in general. 

On the other hand the female must have larger breasts in order to be pleasing to the male and win over his affection for her in the bedroom and to be more attractive as well. If we will only listen to what God has for our lives and not be persuaded by the world to make us a better human being we can be the victors over our own sins and their subtle ways of luring us from the ultimate truth that can save us and make us whole human beings in spirit and in truth. 


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