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The Art of Self-Discovery

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We will never really now who we are, just who we’ve been in the past. Myth. In reality, if you just do some self-exploring, you can discover your real self, just don’t try to put a label on it; we’re all unique. It is good to know who you are and to stay true to your ideals, beliefs, and views on the world.

Once you find yourself, you will finally be one of too things, content, or disappointed. Hopefully you aren’t disappointed, but if you are, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your likes. Are you doing what you love, or are you still afraid to take that leap? There are some very important questions you need to answer for yourself, and then you need to take action. Don’t be content with being a shell of who you truly are, let it burst from you, and color your surroundings so people who will love you for who you are, and contribute to your life will be attracted to your unique personality. 

Don’t settle for being a clone. Be you, be true.


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