Ask, Believe, Receive

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How many believe that you can have anything in this world if you only ask and believe? Some might be saying, how is this possible, are you really saying that if I want a million dollars I could have it? Yes, stranger things have happened. Let’s look at what God says in his word, Matthew 24: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” It says right there if we ask for it, and if we believe that it is ours, then we shall we receive it.

So then why do so many of us not have already in our possessions what we really want? The answer is a simple one; we did not believe. Yes, you read right, we did not believe; we did not truly believe that we would receive what we wanted. I mean, think about it for a minute before you get all righteous on me and want to stop reading. And know what I am saying goes for me also; I have been guilty in the past. Now back to our discussion.

You went to God in prayer, really needing a miracle to help pay a bill. You knew you really needed this bill paid, so you decided to ask God for help. So you got down on your knees, bowed your head, and closed your eyes or whatever way you pray. In that prayer, with your whole heart, you asked God for help out of your current situation. You thought you had given up all your cares and worries with it (but notice that I said you thought). As you ended your prayer, the worry and care you thought you left behind were still tugging along behind you. Then as soon as the telephone rang, worry about your phone bill flowed through your head. As soon as the time came for your favorite show to come on TV, worry about your cable or satellite bill popped inside your head. While this is happening, while you are worrying if God is going to come through for you, you are not believing. We are supposed to have faith, faith like the mustard seed. God said we could move mountains, only if we believe we could. But how can we believe that a mountain can be moved if we do not believe that God can take care of something as tiny as a little phone bill?

I know it’s easier said than done but please know that it’s all in the mind. We can control what floats throughout our heads, and as a matter of fact we already do; we just do not have full knowledge of it. We all, at one point in our lives, received something or caused something to appear all because we believed. I believed that I would have a book of mine published and now I am working on my second book, which will be released under my own imprint. This happened because I went to God and asked for what I desired. I believed with my whole heart that it would happen, and now I can tell anyone I meet that I am a published author. And I am sure that many of you, if you sincerely tried, could think of many times things came into your lives all because you decided to have faith and believe that it was yours.

The model to follow is as simple as one, two, three. Ask, believe, receive. What could be easier than that? Ask: Lord if you could see fit to bless me with … Believe: Have faith like that of the mustard seed that what you asked for is already yours. Receive: Once you ask, and out of faith believe that what you desire is yours, then like God said, “You shall receive.”

“Remember God first and the world last.”


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