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Attract More Joy: Mature Colors

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As I sit here in my home office looking out onto our beautiful hardwood bush I am amazed and grateful for the graceful, gentle exit of summer into the flaming magnificence of autumn.

Moving Towards Mid-Life

Autumn is a wonderful metaphor for how we, that is women over forty, move into maturity towards our own magnificence. This particular autumn seems to be holding back its beauty, trying to hold onto this summer warmth that is unseasonably upon us. How many of us do this in our own lives. We don’t want to let go of our “summer days” of youth and are afraid to turn our head and look at the opportunity before us as mature women.

Universal Law of Attraction

There is a consciousness building out in the world right now around the universal law of attraction. The media has been spinning with guru’s who tell us we can have whatever we want in life. From Ferrari’s, California Mansions to the perfect mate. The book The Secret inspires people to ask; and when they don’t immediately manifest what they want they decide it doesn’t work.

What Do You Want?

The true secret is defining what we want. We think we know what we want based on society, our upbringing, our social structure, our education or the geography of where we are. Basing our decisions on what we want in life through outside sources can lead to a feeling of emptiness, even when we have accomplished the goal or received the item.

My Career Meltdown

Two years ago I was a highly successful sales executive. I succeed in achieving and even surpassing my quotas. I developed business beyond what was expected of me within the organization. I was driven to achieve, and became a little intoxicated with making money. But, I started to feel empty about my achievements. I spent a lot of my energy trying to make the work fit me so I could justify the time it took from my family, my friends and my new found passion—coaching.

When I stopped to look at why I felt this discomfort with who I had become, I realized my core values were being compromised too much and that I needed to make a change. Here I am now two years later, doing work that comes from the heart and loving every minute of it! When I knew what I truly wanted, it was easy to get to where I wanted to be.

Questions for You

Here are a few questions for you to contemplate …

  • If you could do anything—with no risk financially, emotionally, or socially what would you do? Where would you go?
  • What stories are you telling yourself to justify staying stuck in a place of discomfort within your life? Do you crave a career change, a new home, or maybe a new relationship with someone important to you?

I work with amazing mature women in helping them uncover what they truly want in order to feel more joy and personal fulfillment. What I find curious is how unconscious we can be about our strengths and more importantly our core values. When these are unleashed, there is nothing that will stop us!


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