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Authentically Yours

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Authentically yours. Your life is supposed to be anyway, isn’t it?

It is my hope that you are being true to who you are, and not who you think everybody expects
you to be.

We are all on this journey together, but sometimes we become enmeshed with others intentions for us . . . instead of our own.

Sound familiar?

Give it some thought as we move into 2012. Last year was a challenging year in many aspects.

Take some time asking yourself some very important questions:

1. Are you being true to yourself? Or, are you hiding behind the REAL you?

2. Are you caving into “peer pressure” at any stage of life?

3. Does your life look like your own design; is it joyful and filled with what’s most important to YOUR value system?

4. Have you trusted your instincts along the way, or talked yourself out of the way you truly feel?

5. Is there one lesson you have learned better than any others? And, if so, how will it help you and others in the future?

Be grateful. Appreciate you for who you are NOW and where you are in this moment. Continue to embrace the changes and awakenings you discover.

Let’s look forward to a wonderful year ahead!


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