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Night/has fallen,/but Daylight/keeps callin’ me/to awaken.
         I/begin to/shake off/the best of/ last night’s rest/
Memories/fading,yet/I’m still wading/into my vanishing/
         Streams/of dreams./
Morning/is burning/yearning/learning/how to be/reborn
Losing sight/of night/my dreams/take flight/to Cape Horn/
         Adieu/to you,/my sweet dreams./
My restless sleep/slips away/by giving meaning/leaning/
         Weaning itself/to this day./
Bright lights/appear,/interfere/with night-time/reveries/
         Which soon/disappear./
Confounding/astounding/dawn feigns/its reign/once
Strong groans/forced grins/strong breeding says,/I must/
          Get up/Give in./
But alas,/no class./I blink/I wink/I sink/into Dreamland/
          All the more./
Hark/it’s not dark,/someone spoke/I awoke./Reeling/
         Still feeling/strong to the/core./
The phone rang/I answered,/then sang./I need/not work.
         On Sundays/anymore./Back to bed,/sleepyhead/
                   After all,/Who’s keeping/score?/

By:  Sharon DeLoach
Written:  July 24, 2011



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