Aware of the Smallest Need

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“But my God shall supply all your need to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”—Philippians 4:19 KJV

The summer I was twenty-nine years old held many first time experiences for me. I was fixing to enter college for the first time. It was a big decision. I had a great job working at our 600-bed hospital as a Float Ward Secretary. Leaving was God’s idea; it certainly wasn’t mine. I wasn’t the most confident person you could hope to meet.

My life wasn’t the only one taking on multiple changes. Our pastor had resigned his church and brought his family to Springfield, Missouri so he could finish his Masters in Theology. I had agreed to take care of Jerry, their ten-year-old son, while they did some evangelistic meetings during the summer.

Financially, things were very tight. My parents had volunteered to help me out while I attended Central Bible College. Dad mailed sixty dollars a week as regular as clockwork. Every Friday after the mail delivery, I took Jerry to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal. It was the most extravagant thing we could squeeze into our budget.

Jerry had been watching for the postman for over an hour when I heard him squeal, “He’s coming!” I opened the letter and my heart sank. Dad had only forty dollars he could spare that week. Wow. The look of disappointment on Jerry’s face was almost too much to bear. I found myself saying, “Well, let’s go on to McDonald’s. We’ll have to pray and trust the Lord to make up the difference.”

The restaurant wasn’t very busy. It was just an ordinary day. Jerry bowed his head and said grace as usual.

After we ate, we went back to the car. As I opened the car door, I felt someone come up close behind me. A female voice said, “You might think I’m crazy, but the Lord told me to give you this.”

She placed a twenty-dollar bill in my hand—the exact amount Dad had been short.

I whispered, “No, I don’t think you’re crazy.”

I looked up again so I could thank her properly, but there was no woman. In fact, I couldn’t see anyone anywhere in the parking lot.

“Jerry, did you see that lady?” I asked as I showed him the money in my hand.

“What lady? Hey where did you get that?

Lord, help us to place our trust in you to be there to meet our every need. Help us to realize that no need is too small for You to be concerned about. You are our Heavenly Father and will supply our every need according to your riches in glory. Amen.

Closing Thought

It has been more than twenty-five years since I experienced my very own “personal miracle,” but in times of need, it has quickened my faith over and over again toward my Heavenly Father’s ability to meet even my smallest need. My lady friend was an angel— earthly or heavenly, it doesn’t matter. She was God’s Hand Extended. Let us not forget to be His Hand Extended, even when He prompts us to do the unusual. We never overestimate the importance of being obedient to His leading. Who knows? We might get to be someone’s angel today.


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