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Banana Chocolate Cake Dilemma: To Wait or Not to Wait (Part 2)

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Usually there are two types of people. Those who treat issues in life the way I treat banana chocolate cake. They tend to make my choice (eat at night and not worry about the calories), and the other group would be those who wait and discipline themselves (which is very impressive to me, I mean its banana chocolate cake we’re talking about!)  

First group of people, who choose to have things right away, are usually willing to give up important things for the sake of immediate, instant pleasure and satisfaction. This is why girls at high schools get pregnant while they haven’t even thought of motherhood before in their life! 

This is why we see prostitutes, men and women, selling out their bodies to please others.

This is why we struggle with obesity, cholesterol, heart disease, AIDS, even cancer! Can you see now where a tiny minute of impatience led us to. 

Second comes the other group, those who wait. Now these people are weird! I mean you see them in churches; they’ve got it all right! Jesus takes care of everything, they say.

You ask him about his marriage and he says, “We’ll work things out! I’m praying that she will come through”. And you wonder why he hasn’t taken the decision to leave after so much struggle. And you see a young lady, decently dressed, all glowing and you wonder how she holds on after she’s been diagnosed with a fatal disease. And she says “I’m waiting on the lord!” 

These are Jesus freaks. They smile when they ought to cry, they give a chance when it looks like a dead end. And they’ve got a new strength every day, to keep walking, keep loving, keep hoping, keep praying and keep waiting. Oh God, am I lucky to be a Jesus freak! 

These people are like imaginary heroes! They cannot hunt down the bad guys and make them rot in prison like spider man, but I’ll tell you what they can do.

They can get on their knees, and pray to their Lord (to the person they know intimately, because they’ve done their best to develop a relationship with him) and He moves mountains for them if He had to. And while they wait he renews their strength like eagles. 

So when these people wait, they wait on Him. No, I’m sorry. They wait with Him. Because He also longs to give them what is best for them, and to make there dreams come true. 

I’ve been waiting for a while now ... waiting for many things for different durations. I’ve been through different circumstances as I waited. I’ve been seriously sick, I’ve been heart broken, and I’ve been too close to death more than once. And I’m still waiting for the same dreams. Some have come true; others are still on the way. But the beauty of it all is that in spite of everything I’ve been through; Jesus has revealed Himself to me so beautifully in ways that I cannot explain or fathom. Every time I was close to giving up, I was surprised by His amazing hand lifting me up to keep going. I can never forget how sometimes it felt like I was about to drop dead and just give it all up, when I heard His voice sweetly calling “one more try, my little one. You’re almost there.” 

I’ve been soaring for a while, some where over the rainbow (just like that song says). How I wish I can take you there with me and walk with you on this journey. I wish I could tell you how beautiful it is to see life through the eyes of your creator. I wish I could make you believe all the beautiful plans and surprises He’s got for you, while you might still be stuck somewhere far from there. But this is something you really have to do on your own. It is a choice that you have to make. 

If you really know, that you have to wait ... no matter how hard it seems and how tempting, then I suggest that you choose the right person to wait with!

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