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Barreling Along at Sixty

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Hello my fellow travelers,

I think you remember, I was so afraid to turn sixty—well, I was and I had every right to be! It’s everything they said it was and more. The nineteen-year-old inside me took off like a bat out of hell, I guess she finally threw in the towel.

Now I’m going to tell you what happened the day after I turned that age, and I swear to God this really happened. I am driving down the road singing “Bobby MaGee” mostly because  can remember the words to that one, and all of a sudden I feel this jelly bean in my mouth, only it ain’t no bean—it is my front tooth.  

Yep, I looked just like one of those okie mobile home princesses, all I had to do was cross my eyes and the look would have been complete. Well that sent me screaming go the dentist and after he calmed me down he just glued it back in; thank god. I had just lost a cap. So I just chalked that up to worn out parts again, the list grows longer.

The next day I am driving down the street once more only this time I am singing the I ain’t got no mo money blues because of the cost to just glue the damn tooth back in. All of a sudden I am chewing on chalk and I have been nowhere near a blackboard, and I look at the chunk and help me sweet Jesus it’s another tooth. Well I know you know where I spent the next few hours! Yep, helping that poor dentist pay for his little second Mercedes. But thank goodness it was nothing major, but you know, it sounds so funny,but it really did scare me. I know it was a coincidence, but I can tell you now when I am walking my dogs I make sure none of my other parts are laying be hind me.

OK I am done writing for now but next time I want to tell you about the pelvic I had.

Peace to you.


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