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Be True to Ourselves

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“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely”~By Carl Jung
It may be tempting for us to compare ourselves with others. We often do this to see how we measure up. If we conclude that we don’t measure up, we may wonder, “Shouldn’t I be living a bigger, more successful, more expansive life?”
The problem is of course, that no matter how we perceive others, whether less than or more than, comparing ourselves to others is folly. Sure, we might be inspired by others’ success to show up more in our own lives. However, other people have their own life circumstances, personalities, bodies, gifts and challenges. If we choose to feel bad about our expression in the world because we perceive others as better, more successful, more attractive or any other superlatives, we are denying the perfection and beauty of our own individuality.
The longer I live the more I can appreciate the perfection of our own life circumstances. However we have shown up in this incarnation can be used in a way that is an amazing gift to the planet. If we are tempted to get caught up in comparisons, we will halt this expression. For example, if we find ourselves jealous over someone else’s career success, it means we have taken attention off of our own career. Certainly, begrudging someone else their success also makes us feel small, petty, neurotic and of course, perhaps ironically, unsuccessful.
In order to be true to who we are so that we may show up with congruency in our own life, we may begin to pay close attention to the unique qualities that comprise who we are. For example, I might note that I am sensitive, enthusiastic, compassionate, spiritual and that I enjoy learning. If we are honest with ourselves about the authentic themes of self in our lives and we embrace them, we will begin to shift into our fullest manifestation possible.
At times, we may be tempted to turn gods into demons. We take our God given gifts and thumb our noses at them. We decide they are different and consequently not as desirable as someone else’s attributes. We turn our uniqueness into our adversary or a demon. We can always rethink our self-rejection. Why not embrace the truth of who we are?
If we appreciate the individuality of our walk in the world we set the energetic tone which will help us to be all we can. We don’t need to wonder why our lives aren’t like someone else’s; we will be busy appreciating our own expression. We are loveable as we are. If we seek to be authentic, honoring the holiness of our self as we know it, we will shift into flow. When we are in flow we are connected to Source. What could be bigger, in more alignment or truer than that?
Jeanine Marie Austin, Ph.D. © 2008
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