Beautiful Feet

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You may look at these feet and see something horrible and distasteful. There is a story behind every horrible and distasteful picture. There was a point in life when these feet were youthful and full of life. Oh, the road they have traveled, the hills they have climbed, and the valleys they have hiked. They have seen much suffering, endured much pain, and faced oh, how many disappointing situations. If only these feet could tell the story. Now, as you see them torn and broken down, nothing to be admired, there is still a ream of hope, for beautiful are the feet that carry the wisdom of God.

Once I was youthful and full of joy. A shining star above the clouds. Now youth is gone, and age has settled in, my voice not quite as loud. My eyes are dim, my hair is gray, my hands are wrinkled and worn. My attire is dirty, I’m somewhat smelly, and my jacket old and torn.

But my feet, my precious feet carried the news aboard near and far. No horse or buggy, no train or plane, no, not even a comfortable car. Just my feet, my precious feet, spreading the greatest news. That the savior has come, to save the world, yes, I’m spreading that wonderful news. When you look at my feet, these horrible feet that may look black and blue, just think back to the cross for what was done for you.


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