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Beautiful Minds

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Nothing in this world is more devastating than a wasted mind. That somewhere among a sea of average joes and plain janes, lies a beautiful mind waiting to shout. These minds are the ones that give a boost of integrity in humans. They’re like a vaccine that needs to be given to the sick because without the complexity and wonderment of these minds, I would definitely give up on humanity as a hole.

I have met many people that leave a horrid itch in my brain that scars to spell out, “simple-minded.” Could I be possibly the most horrible person that has ever walked in this earth? Or am I aching for a change? I would say a little of everything because my manner of thinking is so much deeper. While other people see what’s on the surface of everything, I think of a hidden meaning. I think of what’s in between the lines because only then would I be sane. Maybe I’m some kind of hopeless romantic or a poet but, I believe that it’s right. A little big-headed but the idea is there. Why would people think less than I am? Are we not humans? Are we not supposed to think more and try to find out what we don’t know? That’s how we came to this point in our evolution. Curiosity runs in our veins and I want it to be the only thing flowing in my body. Superficial tendencies have eaten up our human nature and I fear it would be our ultimate destruction. Our minds are corrupted my daily pictures and modern simplicity in our most basic needs. We have everything handed to us and slowly but surely our minds have slipped away. Stimulation and hard work are a choice now and it should have always stayed as a requirement. How is it that we’re settling for less? I get especially annoyed when I see dumb reality series. Seriously. How is it that these people are successful with doing nothing? Don’t mind me; I am probably so sour I’m hitting wrong notes. It eats up my brain for many a night and I can’t seem to point out why it bugs me so.

When I meet these elusive minds I want to navigate towards them. I am magnetized to their spot because I feel a worth in me that has never been there since I was a child. These conversations that I would share with these friends of mine were enjoyable and kept me steady on this long rough road.

I do not know what people think of my mind but I hope it’s as beautiful as the minds I came to pass. I only ask for humanity to stay alive and kicking because there are many people who want to change it. Not in my lifetime but soon.


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