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The Beauty of It All

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The Love/of God,/the Beauty/of it all./Some/shall
stay/Some/shall fall/
I think/of the sunset/as I pray/to my God./Here/I
am,/Lord, why/did you/
call?/ What/can I/give you/for this life/of mine?/I am/
calling you/home,
dear/to sit/by my side./Why/have you run/from
me?/Why did/you hide?/
Because/my sins/are too many,/they can’t/be denied./Then,/God said,/I
sent/the world/Jesus/to atone/for their sins./Whoever/accepts Him,/they
will/all win/and have life/once again./The enemy/has deceived you,/he
has/told you/so many lies./Relax, child/we have/plenty of Time./I won’t/
forsake you./I tell you/the Truth./I am/like Naomi,/You are/like Ruth./
Together,/we are/strong./Our journey/has been/a long one./With me/by
your side/you can’t/go wrong./Fear not/dear one./You/are in/my country/
now./I/am God./I/will provide./You/are safe/at my side./Queen Mary/
shall pray/for you./Jesus died/for your sins./The Holy Spirit/lies within./
All the Saints/shall surround you./All/the Angels/of Heaven/will astound
you./Nothing/is done/without my will./I am/the Great//’I Am’./You are/
my little,/lost lamb/who’s been found./Just imagine/at the/Beauty/ of it
All./You/were always/in my plan,/before Time/ on Earth began./ Now/
let your/little light/shine./And show/The Divine/how to /really shine./For
you/are mine./Forever Mine./That’s/the Beauty/of it All./ 

By: Sharon DeLoach
Date Written: July 9 & 24, 2011


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