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Being Alone

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We are as alone, as we think.

Five years ago, when my husband succumbed to death, I was forced to look at life with the realization that everything would just come and go, that there are no guarantees, there are no promises to life.

It is how we journey that matters.

Being alone provide me time to catch up on the things that truly matter. I started carving my “me” time and spending time where I want to be, oftentimes it is in the beach or in the mountains. Even at work, when confronted with piles of tasks to do, I sneak and do my “me” time, by journaling my thoughts.

It had been a wonderful journey.

I have learned to become more sensitive to other people, more better parent to my kids and more kinder to myself.

Most important, I have learned to say NO.

I have learned to prioritize my time, choose my battles and be involved in activities that truly interests me.

So far, I am happy with the results.


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