Being Bullied is Something You Never Forget

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I was bullied when I was in high school. Even though I graduated over 30 years ago, it is something I have never forgotten and doubt I ever will. Bullying is so much worse now, because of the social media. Bullying can take the forms of physical and verbal, both of which I think are equally terrible. Two bullying incidents in particular stand out the most from my past. I remember sitting in the bleachers during gym. One of the girls that was out on the gym floor thought I was laughing at her. No matter how much I told her I hadn't been laughing at her, she started saying stuff like, "I'm going to beat you up later." Thank goodness they were idle threats, but it still shook me up! Another incident happened when I was coming down the hallway towards a few girls. They started saying things like, "we're not going to let you walk past us," and they physically blocked my way so I couldn't get through. I got so upset that I started crying. I think that's what they wanted me to do, so once I did, they laughed and moved out of my way. This particular group of girls and I also played sports together, so unfortunately, I would have to deal with them. Another girl from this group gave my little brother and I a hard time once when we were on our bikes in our neighborhood. I sometimes wonder what has happened to some of those girls. With the Internet, it would only take a few clicks to find them. Would it be worth it? They have probably long since forgot the way they treated me. Sometimes I have thought about tracking them down, just to ask the simple question, "why?" Did you think it was cool to watch me cry? Did you not think about what you were doing? If I did have a brief moment with the girls that used to torment me, I would tell them, "you might not remember what you did to me in high school, but I do."


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