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Being a Risk Taker

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Do you remember the last time you did something crazy? I mean really crazy, my friend, such as: polishing your fingernails in an outlandishly named color that wasn’t your usual French tip or nude; getting that haircut you’ve been freaked out about or doing a jig in the middle of hallway at work?

Don’t worry; I’m fairly straight-and-narrow, too. I'm rather risk-adverse—even cellular phone plans are too rich of a commitment for my blood. Honestly, it had been longer than I can remember since I walked on the “wild side.” That was until three days ago. I took the risk of a lifetime—I changed my current location on my Facebook profile to a place I have never been before. RISK TAKER! Yeah, okay, you might be laughing but I am definitely going somewhere with this and you will be able to relate. Be patient…and here it comes…

It took me 10 minutes to convince myself that putting something on my Facebook profile that wasn’t true was okay. Not because I was worried about being called a liar, but because I believed that I would never get to the place I was claiming to be. I had unknowingly told myself that I’d never get there. That silent negative mantra, more than likely, has impeded my travels in more ways than one.

Aside from getting to Germany to see my big sister (which truly is presenting itself to be my own little Mt. Everest summit issue, but that’s another story for another day…) very little stands in the way of me meeting my goals. Be it a quick jaunt to an island, a few documents to formalize a nonprofit organization or utilizing the right herbs and spices to cook an amazing meal, I am capable of making it happen.

The key to this “smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em” approach to life is not having an understanding boss, a trust fund and a 401(k) that has not ruptured over the past 4 years. No, the key is patience and planning. No longer can someone simply blame a lack of forward progression on the economy or things not being perfectly aligned. We should expect the unexpected, denounce the mindset that we deserve something, or that things should be fair; and focus on being worthy enough to meet our goals. I believe worth is shown by being diligent, committed and having a little hope sprinkled in. The vast majority of us were not born with silver spoons in our mouths, but we can move from plane to plane by working within our means and growing.

Believe that there is a way out of what appears to be inescapable. Believe that trying something new at least twice is a solid way to draw a conclusion that you do—or don’t—like it. Be willing to challenge it again a year or two later! Be a risk taker and watch the small ripple you make change everything around you. Now, if you will excuse me, I must be leaving from Dubai to Athens shortly.


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